Saturday, August 17, 2013

Terrapin Conservation 2013

Congratulations to our own Annalee T. who presented her research on the 2013 nesting season in comparison to past seasons.  Also, we are forming turtle road patrols for next summer at Island Beach State Park.  More to follow...

Signs are up at Barnegat Light, High Bar Habor, and Island Beach State Park.  Now that nesting season is winding down, mid-August will begin the time for hatchlings to emerge and they will sometimes cross the roadway too!

                                        Sign at Island Beach State Park installed in July

LBI and Island Beach State Park, please look out for the new turtle crossing signs.  Also, on LBI, be extra careful around the construction area on Cedar Bonnet as the new bridge construction areas may show a greater density of nesting females trying to cross route 72. 

                                              New signs!  They may be inviting, but they
                                               are very important.  Please keep an eye on
                                               them for us.  Signs at LBI are funded by the
                                               LBI Garden Club. 

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