Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 LBI Nesting Project

High Bar Harbor had a tremendous hatch success rate this year.  Over 1000 hatchlings emerged out of 1063 eggs.  This is definitely a record in terms of hatch success.  Kathy and her volunteers were tremendous and we look forward to 2013! 

On Tuesday August 10, the first clutches of hatchlings emerged at the High Bar Hatchery!

High Bar sets the Bar High!  Kathy and her amazing team, have rescued over 1000 eggs this year.  The Crimi Hatchery is keeping the eggs safe from predators.   Kathy needs help monitoring the emergence of the hatchlings starting July 23.  Please get involved and take a shift! 

                                           View of terrapin nests protected in one of two
                                              hatcheries on High Bar Harbor, LBI, NJ

Kathy and her High Bar and Barnegat Light Team are working very hard this season.  They've saved over 700 eggs as of June 30 2012.  See below for the latest nest that is being protected on site!  There are 15 sites protected outside of the hatchery!  Thanks to the Crimi's for the addition of a 2nd hatchery.

We will continue our project at the LBI Foundation and also at High Bar Harbor. The goal is to protect terrapin nests from negative human impacts.  Kathy aided by her dedicated team of volunteers already moved over 16 nests from heavily trafficked areas to the hatchery - just June 3, 2012! 

Kathy is locating a terrapin nest on LBI with the aid of Grace

A new hatchery was installed by some very dedicated volunteers (thanks to John Crimi for all of his hard work and generous support) working under the direction of Kathy Lacey.  This is part of the LBI/ High Bar Harbor Conservation Program.

Here are some goals on Long Beach Island...
1) Assess and log terrapin nests with little, to no, impact on the female terrapins
2) Possibly relocate nests in areas with high human traffice (walking and cars)
3) Conduct a mark and recapture study of nesting female terrapins (after they nest)
4) Maintain hatcheries at the LBI Foundation in Loveladies and High Bar Harbor
5) Promote awareness and stewardship of  terrapins and Barnegat Bay, NJ



  1. Sunday, September 30th, Grace and I released the last hatchlings from our High Bar Harbor hatchery. This season, we relocated 1,091 eggs and successfully hatched and released 1,027 hatchlings! Stay safe little ones.
    Thank you volunteers for all your hard work. We'll be back in the Spring!!!-Kathy Lacey

  2. HI i am Megan i am 12 years old, i saw what you were doing last summer and i was the one who bright the two babes turtles and the one egg i found across the inlet. after Sandy my family found two baby terrapins and my cousin now has them in a really big tank in his house he also has an other tank next to it with a baby snapping turtle next to it.i just wanted to say thank you because with my experience i wrote a report about my summer and the turtles and i got an 98%. and thank you to Grace because i had a lot of fun getting to know her and who knew that such a young girl could know so much.we also named one of the baby turtles after her grace is a very active turtle. i am looking forward to next year to come back and do a lot more stuff with the turtles. THANK YOU!